The DNA of the Bonobo ape is 99% identical to that of the human being.

The Bonobo’s only natural habitat is in Congo , Africa. Bonobos do not fight amongst themselves. In order to resolve any conflicts, Bonobos engage in sexual intercourse with each other, regardless of gender. Although Bonobos fall short of the DNA of human beings by 1%, they conduct their lives guided by wisdom much greater than that of human beings.The same thing can be said about design.True design is not an expression of 100% originality, but rather the creation of a space that satisfies the hopes and needs of its users.We at Bonobo offer our creativity to encompass 99% of any project we undertake. As for the remainder, 1% comes from the image that the client has with regard to the design and1% comes from the hopes, objectives and desires of the end-users. In other words, the total result is left to the remaining 1%.